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Dr. Mercidieu “Phil” Phillips

Would you like to inspire leadership at your organization? Help train individuals for tomorrow’s challenges? Galvanize your team for business success?

Dr. Phil is an in-demand keynote speaker for companies and organizations looking to break barriers, reach new goals, and fulfill their dreams. He and his team are always available to come to your event or function and deliver motivational messages that are inspiring and relatable.

Some of the topics he and his team specialize in are:

Authentic Leadership • Effective Management • Ethics and Values • Conflict Resolution • Corporate Culture • Organizational Efficiency


To create a generation of servant leaders through education, formation, and implementation

“I love the opportunity to come speak to groups and organizations in a variety of different fields and industries. In today’s complex world, there is a need for real leadership—individuals who are grounded humility and dedicated to making a positive impact.”

Dr. Phil


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